As part of our efforts to serve you better, we are pleased to introduce ResortMobileBanking.

ResortMobileBanking is a platform that gives you access to your accounts and finances 24/7.

Services currently available on ResortMobileBanking include:

Balance enquiries

Intra-Bank Transfer

Mini Statement

Bills Payment

Cash Withdrawals

Cash Deposits

Mobile banking is available round the clock 24/7/365, it is easy and convenient, and an ideal choice for accessing financial services for most mobile phone owners in the rural areas.

To make use of ResortMobileBanking (Enquiry Service), please dial the following numbers: 01-4633141,01-4633142 or 01-4633143 and follow the voice prompts. If you do not have your password as would be required for the service, please download the request form below. Fill it and return to any of our branches nationwide, or scan it and submit via email to In addition, you can also send an email to if you have any complaints or enquiries regarding our products and services.

We re-affirm our commitment to continuously provide you with quality service and thank you for choosing Resort Savings & Loans Plc.

Click Here to download the Request Form

RESORT DEBIT CARD: Is a domestic debit card linked to your account, which gives you online real-time access to your funds for cash withdrawal from automated teller machines (ATM), payments on point of sale terminals (POS) and websites bearing the interswitch logo.


Issued within three (3) days

Secured by chips and PINS (EMV) technology,which prevents cloning and unauthorized access to your funds.

Valid for 3yrs


Accepted throughout Nigeria wherever the interswitch logo is displayed.

Convenient 24hours access to your funds, via multiple channels (POS,ATM ,and WEB).

Access to value added services (including bills payment, subscriptions, airtime recharge, e.t.c.


Due to cashlite policy, Resort has deployed merchant terminals to our customers who have cash volume. The merchant terminals ensure that the risk and volume involved with cash transactions is reduced and sales are credited to customers’account. A charge of 0.75% is applicable to each transaction and transaction settlement is T+1.



Bills payment

Accept debit & credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Verve and Genesis cards.


Reduces exposure to loss due to armed robbery or pilferage by employees

Eliminates cash handling charges incurred when cash is taken to the bank which also results in reduced operational costs.

Increases sales opportunities as Merchant have access to both cash and card-carrying customers.

Increases potential for customers to make spontaneous purchases.