Here is a list of Questions with answers that Customers usually have as regards NHF and Mortgage generally. Click o each questions to reveal the answer,If you have a question that you would like answered but it does not appear here, you can send a mail to

What is the average turnaround time of loan disbursement?
Eighteen (18) Months.
Can I approach FMBN directly to process my Mortgage Loan?
NO. One will have to process the Mortgage Loan through a PMB
How does one make contribution?
A contributor interested in obtaining the NHF loan applies through a registered and duly accredited Mortgage Loan Originator (e.g. PMB), who packages and forwards the application to FMBN
How do I know the status of my contributions to the fund?
FMBN as the Fund Manager provides periodic statement of account to the contributors.
What measures are in place to guarantee the safety of my contributions?
  • An individual participation number is issued to each contributor. This serves as account number which remains unchanged irrespective of transfer or change of work place.
  • Contribution records are computerized and statements of accounts are issued to individual contributors periodically.
  • Employers are also required to maintain contributors’ records
Who can benefit from the scheme?
The NHF Scheme is for Nigerians in all sectors of the economy, particularly those within the low and medium income levels who cannot afford commercial housing loans e.g. civil servants, traders, artisans, commercial drivers etc. Any intending beneficiary must be a registered contributor and up to date with his/her contributions.
How can only 2.5% of my monthly basic salary or income be sufficient to obtain loan to build a house?
The 2.5% of monthly basic salary contributions qualifies you to access the loan. The pool of funds created by the contributors nationwide becomes available to any contributor to borrow from, after contributing for a minimum of six months.
Is it the monthly contribution that determines the loan amount?
No. The loan amount is determined by the applicant’s affordability. This entails his/her income level that will enable repayment of the loan.
Can I liquidate my Mortgage Loan when I have windfall on cash flow?
If I liquidate my NHF loan, can I re-apply for another loan from FMBN?
This isn't fair as others are supposed to also benefit from this scheme like you, IT IS ONLY ONCE IN A LIFETIME
What is the mode of repayment?
NHF housing loans are repaid on monthly installments from the monthly income of the beneficiary. This mode of repayment has the advantage of being both affordable and convenient.
Can a contributor obtain NHF loan if a Mortgage loan originator is not in his/her state?
Yes. A prospective applicant can liaise with a mortgage loan originator (PMB etc.) in a neighbouring state or anywhere in Nigeria to process a loan application. Also some PMBs are subsidiaries of Banks may operate a desk on behalf of its subsidiary
Are there restrictions as to where a contributor can build his/her house?
The property can be located anywhere, as long as it is within Nigeria. The applicant must however provide acceptable title documents to the land.
How can a low income earner get collateral for loan?
The only collateral required from the loan beneficiary is the property in question. No other collateral is needed to secure the NHF loan.
What is the maximum loan amount and repayment time for NHF loan?
A contributor is eligible to access a maximum loan amount of N15million repayable over a maximum period of 30 years at an affordable interest rate of 6%.
Can I obtain NHF loan to purchase a piece of land to build a house?
No. A prospective applicant who wishes to obtain a loan to build a house is expected to have his/her land as well as an acceptable title to the land prior to the application for NHF loan.
What happens to my house in case of my demise and my next of kin cannot afford the repayment?
There is going to be a mortgage protection assurance to back up this facility. In the event of death or permanent disability, the insurance company pays off the balance of the facility.
Can I get loan as an individual to build a house or must I buy from the Government owned Estate or Private Estate Developer?
Yes. You can apply as an individual for NHF loan to develop a land or buy directly from Government sponsored estate or private estate developer.
Is it possible to process refund of contributions?
Refund is processed and repayment effected within two weeks of receipt of the application.
What happens to my previous contributions if I change jobs?
Contributions are not lost in the event of a change of job or transfer. The affected contributor is expected to submit a duly completed NHF Registration Form (NHF2), indicating such change. The individual Registration Number, which is permanent, is then transferred to the new employer to maintain the contributor’s records.
Apart from building a house, what other use is NHF loan for?
Loans from NHF are available to also make outright purchase of residential house, renovate or expand an existing one. The loan is strictly for residential houses.